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Paul Allen and the Underthinkers - Big Blue Raindrops Lyric

Big Blue RaindropsBig blue raindrops are falling down,
rolling sideways soaking the ground.
Beating on my roof and on my windowpane,
beating on my heart this big blue rain.
I need a break in these old dark clouds,
a little sunshines what i need now.
I need a sign that it's gonna end, a rainbows
promise to love again but it don't look like
it's ever gonna stop, breaking my heart these
big blue raindrops.
I feel like cussing that old weather man but it's
not his fault that it's a setting in. We used to love
while it was a pouring down these big blue raindrops
only hurt me now.
Big blue teardrops are blinding me,big blue heartache
rolling down my cheek. Old lonely memories hurt me most
of all, those big blue raindrops start to fall.

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NIDJI - Bila Bersamamu (OST. THE GUYS) | Official Video
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